“Hello, because my account was transferred from the backyllc, I think if you can renew, but did not find the option to renew. I do not accidentally select the option to upgrade. Today I discovered that warning, saying that the account may be frozen, do not know how to cancel it? I have no plans to upgrade the temporary. Please help!”



I am going to move this ticket over to our Billing Department queue, as they'll be able to assist you with your issue much better than our department can. The Billing Department is generally only open on business days, so please be patient as they'll get to you as soon as they can.

Thanks, and if you have any other questions, make sure and let us know!


Mark B.
Technical Support
HostNine LLC”


“Thank you, now I just want to cancel the account upgrade, so when the end of this year and then renew the renewals because my PayPal is not enough money to pay, and there is no available credit, I am a user from China , the above-mentioned orders of the wrong operation of the pure, my English is not very good, hope that the content through Google translation can let you know what I mean.”



I have cancelled your upgrade, so you have no due invoices at the moment. Your account will be up for renewal on 12/5/2011. Let me know if you need anything else!

Aimée B
Billing staff
Hostnine LLC”


“Another point I do not understand, until the time I renew how to renew it?”



To submit a payment for an invoice, please login to your Client Area via and click the "My Invoices" tab. Your renewal invoice will be generated 10 days prior to your renewal date, so you can pay it any time following it being generated.


Aimée B
Billing staff
Hostnine LLC”



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